Useful Definitions

Card Skimming
The card details and PIN are captured at the ATM and used to produce counterfeit cards for subsequent fraudulent cash withdrawals. The customer sees a normal transaction and retains the card. Multiple cards are compromised in one attack at one ATM.
Card Trapping
The card is physically captured at the ATM, and the PIN is compromised.  Later the card is used to make fraudulent cash withdrawals.  The customer loses the card. One card is lost in each attack.
Cash Trapping
The cardholder completes a normal transaction but does not receive the cash, which is trapped out of sight aat the ATM's cash dispenser shutter.  A receipt for the transaction may or may not be provided.  Once the cardholder has left the ATM the cash trap, along with the cash, is removed.
Europay MasterCard Visa.  EMV, also known as 'Chip and PIN' in the UK, is an industry standard for Smart cards and card readers, supported by the European Payments Council and the major payment schemes.
Ram Raids / ATM Burglary
The ATM is attacked and either ripped out (Ram Raid) or the safe attacked in-situ (Burglary).  The attacks can be carried out by brute force, or by using explosives or gas.
The persons replenishing the ATM are attacked either when moving the cash to / from the ATM, or while conducting cash replenishment activities.