Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How much do you know about payment card fraud?

In this day and age most of us carry plastic payment cards (credit/debit) in our wallets.  These cards are attractive to criminals because stealing or copying them can lead to financial gain.  When using an ATM, as has already been mentioned in this blog, protecting your PIN is one of the key steps to protecting the integrity of your card, as is being aware of your personal space.  But what about a more holistic view of card protection?  What are the risks to your card when shopping in a retail store, by telephone, or online?

The Irish Payment Services Organisation (IPSO) has set up an informative website called 'SafeCard' (http://www.safecard.ie/) to raise awareness about the harmful effects of card fraud.  The site is aimed at providing advice to retailers (risk prevention), cardholders (top tips) and the media (facts and figures).

Cardholders can get advice and best practice information on the following topics:
  • Lost & Stolen Cards – General Safety Guidelines
  • Counterfeit and Skimmed Card Prevention
  • Be Safe at the ATM
  • Tips for shopping by mail, by phone or on the Internet
  • Securing your card when shopping on the internet (with 3D Secure)
  • Identity Theft – Tips to Keep Your Identity Safe from thieves
  • Phishing – when you receive an email that looks like it has come from your bank
  • 419 Fraud – when you receive an email claiming that you’ve won the lottery
  • Keeping your cards safe when travelling abroad
  • Problems using non-Chip & PIN cards
  • Frequently Asked Questions
This website is an excellent reference point for all Cardholders and is well worth visiting and sharing - who do you know who carries payment cards in their wallet? - pass it on.......................................................

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