Thursday, 26 May 2011

65% of EAST Poll respondents always cover their PIN at an ATM

“Do you protect your PIN at an ATM?” That was the question asked by EAST in its website research poll conducted from January to March 2011. The poll showed the following results:

Why should you cover your PIN? If the magnetic stripe on your card is compromised or skimmed, the criminals need your PIN to maximize fraudulent usage of it. You can watch seized criminal footage of PIN compromise on the EAST Website to see what the criminals see. If you cover your PIN you are at least protected against visual compromise.

Covering ones PIN at an ATM, or at any other terminal, should be second nature to everyone – after all very few people would hold their wallet or purse open to allow others to easily see how much money they are carrying, so why advertise your PIN?

It is encouraging to see that 65% of the poll respondents always cover their PIN at an ATM. If you are one of those who never covers their PIN, or who just does it occasionally, remember that doing this is the top cardholder security tip recommended by EAST, and by many other organisations.

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