Saturday, 3 September 2011

ATM cassette standardisation for Europe? The debate has started........

Since my first blog on this topic ATM Marketplace has published interviews that highlight each side of the argument. 

In the first interview EPC Chairman Gerard Hartsink talks about the benefits of standardization, and why there is no need for manufacturers and cash-in-transit companies to complain.

In the second interview Aleksandra Lubavs, director of EMEA marketing, communications and strategy for Diebold highlights the disadvantages and states that this is a short-sighted approach in terms of total cash optimization and elimination of cost within the retail banking self-service market.  The expectation is that adopting this approach would inevitably lead to hidden costs.  There are clear benefits for the CIT industry though.........and I wonder why Mr Hartsink thinks that they might want to complain?

I go with the second view and reiterate what I said in my first blog - any final decision on this in Europe needs to be taken by the ATM deployers and not by their suppliers!  I wonder if the position of the EPC accurately reflects the opinion of the majority of the European ATM deployers, and how far it has been swayed by the lobbying and opinions of some suppliers?

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