Wednesday, 17 October 2012

International ATM Security Training

Sharing ATM crime and fraud patterns across borders is key to helping prevent such crime.  Alerted to a particular issue, those countries that may not have yet experienced it can better prepare for its possible arrival.  One example of this was the way that the recent up-tick of cash trapping in Europe was tracked by the National Members of the European ATM Security Team (EAST). 

According to the latest EAST Crime Report, European card issuers are now seeing the majority of their ATM related card fraud losses due to skimming at ATMs, occur outside Europe.  What does this mean for those countries where those losses are now occuring?  One company that specialises in bringing organisations and professionals together to share ATM related knowledge, skills and experiences is Liquid Nexxus. They run global international ATM security training seminars.  Having successfully run ATM security training events in EMEA, they are taking their first step into Asia-Pacific with ATM Security Training - Singapore on 11th and 12th December 2012.

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