Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Card skimming at European ATMs hits a six year low - but explosive attacks are rising

The European ATM Security Team (EAST) has reported another fall in ATM related card skimming incidents, while card trapping incidents and ATM explosive attacks continue to rise.  A summary of the statistics can be seen in the image below.

There has been a 5% decrease in ATM related fraud attacks, down from 22,450 to 21,346 in 2013.  5,822 card skimming incidents were reported, down by 19% from the 7,184 incidents reported in 2012.   Skimming incidents have now fallen for three successive years and are down 45% from the high of 10,497 incidents reported in 2008.  Card trapping incidents increased 98% (up from 2,726 to 5,394 in 2013). Trapped cards can be used in the EMV environment (if the PIN has also been compromised).

ATM related physical attacks increased by 9% when compared with 2012 (up from 1,920 to 2,102 incidents), driven by a 31% increase in reported solid explosive and explosive gas attacks.  696 such attacks were reported, the fifth successive annual increase and up from a low point of 117 attacks in 2008.  Eleven countries reported such attacks, five of them countries with more than 40,000 ATMs installed.

Read the full press release on the EAST website.

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