Monday, 7 March 2011

Cash trapping at ATMs....1,738 attacks in 3 months

According to the BBC, City of London police have recently arrested two Romanian men at a flat in Harrow, London.  These guys were found in possession of six cash traps.  These simple devices are placed on an ATM to stop banknotes being dispensed to customers making genuine cash withdrawal transactions.  The money is trapped by the device until the criminals remove it.  Apparently 1,738 of these cash trapping incidents have been recorded in the past three months.

Also recovered at the flat were eight false machine fronts and eight pin hole cameras which capture PIN numbers.  Police Officers also found eight devices used to retain customers' cards and 150 phone top-up cards with PIN numbers written on them.

Seems like the flat was a dual purpose fraud factory, on the one hand making physical devices to capture banknotes and on the other making equipment to be used for Payment Card Fraud.

The full story can be found by following the link

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