Thursday, 3 March 2011

Skimming at railway ticket machines migrates?

OK this is not about ATMs, but it is related as counterfeits of skimmed EMV cards (with a magstripe) can still be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs that are not EMV compliant.  Dutch Railways had a big problem with card skimming at their self service ticket machines and decided to develop their own anti-skimming solution - the Secure Card Feeder.  I believe that since the introduction of this device at all their ticket machines in late 2009, there has been no card skimming at all at these machines.  Not a bad statistic.  If you want more information on the Secure Card Feeder visit

On Tuesday 1st March a story broke in the UK press that this form of skimming has now been seen in the UK and that Police are advising people to be vigilant when buying railway tickets (underground and overground) in London.  For more on the story and for a publicly released image of one of the skimming devices see

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